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Taiwan’s tea culture can be dated back 300 years. But only 200 years ago, when a tea species was introduced from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province, China, Taiwan then started its tea plantation and tea leaf production. Due to Taiwan’s geographical environment and the unique climate condition, it is very suitable for tea tress to grow. Therefore, Taiwan soon became a world famous tea leaf production area. There are about 14 tea plantations in Taiwan, including finely selected tea plantations, the Ali Shan tea plantation, Da Yu Ling tea plantation and Li Shan tea plantation, etc.

Taiwan tea united international enterprise groups, we have gone through all tea plantations in Taiwan at all hours of the day and night over all four seasons in an attempt to seek the top-rated tea leaves that can best represent Taiwan’s premium quality tea and also have the best features. We work wholeheartedly to analyze the advantage and disadvantage of each kind of tea and intend to get the best tea available. Furthermore, we try to eliminate uncertainties such as seasonal or weather factors that may affect the tea quality as we insist on providing you with the most stable and premium quality tea leaves. Our Class A tea leaves are well cultivated from each tea plantation by our tea farmers and processed with excellent tea processing techniques developed by many tea masters based on stringent standards.

Taiwan tea united international enterprise groups, we will provide you with Class A tea leaves developed by our professional cooperative team.

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